Income Tax Planning

Pabian & Russell’s highly experienced tax attorneys help clients develop and implement appropriate income tax strategies designed to reduce or delay current or future income tax obligations.

United State’s federal income tax law is highly complex and constantly changing. Individuals, families, fiduciaries and business owners are wise to seek experienced counsel when seeking to minimize or defer tax liabilities. Important considerations include:

  • Determining appropriate rates for short and long-term income tax projections
  • Analyzing the cost benefit of various income tax planning strategies
  • Tax compliance in the face of changing tax laws
  • Assessing the risk of IRS and state tax department audits

Pabian & Russell’s tax experts will help you devise and implement an income tax plan that supports your long-term financial goals. Call today for your consultation.

Reputable Income Tax Lawyers; Pabian & Russell, LLC

Pabian & Russell’s highly experienced tax group includes attorneys who are licensed CPAs and/or have advanced degrees in taxation and business administration. We pride ourselves on working closely with clients and their advisors to offer careful tax planning, cost-effective solutions, and the highest quality tax law representation available.