February 26, 2019 | Latest News

Password Protected Nightmare Could Have Been Avoided with Proper Estate Planning

In his recent article on inc.com titled “A CEO Died. He Never Shared His Passwords. Now His Customers Are Out $190 Million That Can’t Be Accessed,” Bill Murphy Jr. describes one of the most important risks facing investors in the digital age. We often value password security to such a level that we forget about the... More
February 26, 2019 | Announcements

Marlee Cowan will be Speaking at a Boston Estate Planning Council Event, Fundamentals of Estate Planning – Part One

Attorney Marlee Cowan will be speaking at a Boston Estate Planning Council event called Fundamentals of Estate Planning – Part One on February 27th. This program is the first installment in the new BEPC Fundamentals Series, and will cover the basics of representing clients with their estate planning. Topics will include assessing clients’ goals during an... More
February 26, 2019 | Latest News

Lack of Estate Planning Results in an Unfortunate Situation for the Family of a Local Decedent

A recent article authored by Maria Cramer of the Boston Globe highlighted the importance of estate planning. The article describes the legal challenges facing the Harrisons, residents of Cambridge in their family home for nearly 40 years. When Noel Aimes died without a will, his step-daughter, Marcelle Harrison, assumed that the family home would stay in... More
February 26, 2019 | Latest News

Staying Active and Engaged May Help Brain Health

From Guest Contributor: LifeCare Advocates In a study recently reported by National Public Radio and posted on LifeCare Advocates’ blog, the positive effect of even small amounts of exercise and activity were shown on the aging brain, including those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s-type dementia. As care managers, we are constantly assessing and monitoring ways to improve... More
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