A recent article authored by Maria Cramer of the Boston Globe highlighted the importance of estate planning. The article describes the legal challenges facing the Harrisons, residents of Cambridge in their family home for nearly 40 years. When Noel Aimes died without a will, his step-daughter, Marcelle Harrison, assumed that the family home would stay in her family. Unfortunately, her status as a step-daughter precludes her from inheriting the home in which she has lived, along with Mr. Aimes, her mother, Richlene Aimes, and two further generations of family members, including three granddaughters. Now, distant blood relatives of Noel Aimes are asserting their claim to the property and may force Harrison out of her family home. This unfortunate situation could have been avoided by the decedent creating a clear estate plan outlining how she wished her assets to be passed down.

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