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Boston Tax Attorneys

boston tax attorneyPabian & Russell's highly skilled tax attorneys are tax law experts with extensive experience developing estate, gift, income, and business tax plans, and structuring corporate transactions to minimize taxes. Our experienced team provides comprehensive tax planning for clients of all sizes, and carefully analyzes the tax implications of various types of transactions.

Our tax law expertise includes:

Tax Law Experts

Pabian & Russell's combined legal and tax expertise sets it apart from the competition. Pabian & Russell's tax attorneys include certified public accountants (CPAs) with tremendous tax law expertise. A number of the firm's attorneys have advanced degrees in taxation and/or business administration, while others have worked at Fortune 500 companies and the IRS.

All of our tax attorneys are federal and state tax law experts, and we continually engage in continuing education to stay on top pending federal and state legislation that may affect client interests. We ensure the tax efficiency of all financial transactions, and offer sophisticated estate, gift and business tax plans and strategies designed to reduce tax liabilities for all clients.

IRS & Tax Disputes

Pabian & Russell, LLC also represents a variety of clients in tax disputes with the IRS and the Department of Revenue including:

  • Federal and state tax audits
  • Federal and state collections: Liens, levies, seizures, installment agreements and offers-in-compromise
  • Tax penalty relief
  • Employment tax/worker classification disputes
  • Valuation disputes
  • Private letter ruling requests

Let our experienced tax attorneys help you or your business resolve outstanding tax disputes to your advantage. More information

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