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Probate Litigation Attorneys 

        At Pabian and Russell we handle Probate Litigation which is made up of non- divorce controversies typically handled by the probate court. This includes estate and will controversies, trust and fiduciary actions, contested guardianships and conservatorships, and adoptions.  We specialize in elder law litigation, which breaks down into three categories:

1)      Cases concerning elders with diminished capacity: contested guardianships and conservatorships, confirmations of health care proxies and other estate planning documents, end of life controversies, and probate controversies and will contests concerning undue influence and capacity to execute.

2)      Masshealth appeals and 30(A) complaints – representing applicants after a wrongful denial of Masshealth benefits and challenges to decisions by the office of Medicaid in the state courts. 

3)      Nursing home admission, transfer and discharge controversies.   – assisting clients in the admission process and fighting for clients being wrongfully discharged from a facility or looking to be discharged from a facility.  

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