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Probate Matters

probate mattersThe law office of Pabian & Russell represents personal representatives (formerly known as executors) and individual and professional fiduciaries facing a wide range of estate and probate matters including will contests, equity matters and fiduciary disputes. Our attorneys understand how difficult probate proceedings can be for grieving family members, and we work closely with clients to help them navigate the process and defend their interests.

Our probate law attorneys have considerable experience representing clients in a variety of probate matters including:

  • Will contests
  • Equity matters
  • Disputes between fiduciaries and beneficiaries
  • Estate administration (link to estate administration page)

Will Contests

A will contest is a legal objection to the validity of a will. There are several reasons wills are contested including, but not limited to, concerns that:

  • The will was not executed properly
  • Someone exerted undue influence on the decedent at the time of signing
  • The decedent had diminished capacity at the time of signing

Pabian & Russell's attorneys have significant experience representing interested parties in will contests and other probate proceedings.

Fiduciary Disputes & Equity Matters

Pabian & Russell represents fiduciaries and other interested parties in breach of fiduciary duty matters, account disputes, and complaints for instruction and reformation.

Pabian & Russell's highly capable probate attorneys are committed to providing sound legal counsel and effective representation to help you resolve all probate matters and avoid costly litigation. Call now to discuss your legal situation.

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