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Intellectual Property

Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, Trade Secrets and Technology

Boston Business Lawyer-Intellectual PropertyPabian & Russell, LLC represents businesses, institutions, and corporations of all sizes on a wide range of intellectual property matters including intellectual property strategy, development, licensing and protection. Our skilled attorneys help clients stake claim to their intellectual assets and innovations, and protect the value and strategic advantage those assets provide.

Our services include registration and protection of trademarks, trademark availability searches, drafting and obtaining patents, patent clearance/infringement searches, copyrights, complex IP licensing agreements, non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements, analyzing and valuing intellectual property portfolios, and conducting IP due diligence for investors and potential buyers in M&A transactions. Our attorneys also help clients protect valuable business strategies and trade secrets, and develop written agreements and trade secret protection policies to protect the proprietary knowledge that gives your business a competitive advantage. We also help our clients prevent infringement of their intellectual assets and, in turn, defend against any claims of infringement.

Trademark Services

  • Searching the availability and strength of proposed trademarks
  • Drafting and filing U.S. and international trademark applications
  • Trademark maintenance including affidavits of continued use and applications for renewal
  • Trademark licenses and assignments
  • Trademark infringement
  • Due diligence

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Patent Services

  • Drafting and filing U.S. and international patent applications
  • Patent prosecution
  • Comprehensive patent strategies
  • Monitoring and maintaining granted patents
  • Advising clients on patent law and leveraging patents for strategic advantage
  • Developing and managing patent portfolios
  • Due diligence

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Trade Secrets, Technology Licensing & Protection Services

  • Written agreements with customers, employees and other business partners
  • Advising clients on appropriate use of proprietary notices and labels
  • Developing trade secret protection policies and programs
  • Developing confidentiality, license and non-competition agreements
  • Technology licensing and protection

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Learn more about our technology licensing & protection services.

Copyright Services

  • Filing copyright applications
  • Advice on copyright issues
  • Copyright licenses and assignments

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